Game Options

Randomization Modes


This is the default full shuffle mode. This is the most common mode used when racing and it's the same as doing a custom mode with all the flags enabled. See the next section for a description of flags.


This mode lets you pick and choose exactly what flags you want to use. The available flags are as follows:

  • Progressive swords, rings, arrows, and candles - If enabled, there will be three wood swords, two wood arrows, two blue rings, and two blue candles in the item pool. Collecting multiples of each will upgrade the item.
  • Shuffle White Sword - Adds the White Sword to the item shuffle pool
  • Shuffle Magical Sword - Adds the Magical Sword to the item shuffle pool. Important Note: If the Magical Sword is shuffled into a room that normally has a standing floor item it will become a drop item, meaning that you will need to defeat all enemies in the room in order for the Magical Sword to appear.
  • Shuffle Letter - Adds the letter for the potion shop to the item shuffle.
  • Shuffle the Armos Item - Adds the Power Bracelet to the item shuffle pool.
  • Shuffle the Coast Item - Adds the coast heart container to the item shuffle pool.
  • Shuffle Shop Items - Adds the blue candle, blue ring, wood arrows, and both baits to the item shuffle pool.
  • Shuffle Take Any Hearts, Magical Shields, and Bait - If selected, four heart containers, one magical shield, and one bait will be added to the item pool to replace the 3 magical shields, 2 baits, and take any hearts
  • Avoid Requiring "Hard" Combat - The logic will not require killing any Blue Darknuts, Blue Wizzrobes, Gleeoks, or Patras to progress without making at least one sword upgrade and at least one ring available in logic.
  • Enable Item Swap with Select - Pressing select will cycle through your B button inventory instead of pause the game.
  • Randomize Level Text - Chooses a random value (either literally or figuratively) for the "level-#" text displayed in dungeons.
  • Speed Up Text - Increases the scrolling speed of text displayed in caves and dungeons.


Seed is a number used to randomize the game. If you want to generate the same game as somebody else for racing, you can enter an exact seed here. If you just want a fresh experience, leave this blank and the site will generate it automatically.

Game Changes

What's randomized?'

This randomizer shuffles around all 130+ items in Zelda 1. This includes the 10 dungeon staircase items (bow, raft, ladder, recorder, wand, red candle, magical key, book, red ring, and silver arrows) as well as all rooms' standing items and drops (including bombs, boomerangs, keys, 5 rupees, heart containers, maps, compasses, and triforce pieces). Other items, such as from the overworld, can also be optionally be added to the item shuffle pool as well.

However, there are some important things to note about the shuffling:

  • Levels 1-8 will contain exactly one map, compass, and triforce piece each.
  • Level 9 will contain one map and compass. The Triforce of Power and Princess Zelda are not randomized.
  • Dungeon rooms with water will not contain the ladder or an item necessary to obtain the ladder.
  • The Magical Sword will never be a standing item in a dungeon room but may be an item that's dropped after all enemies are defeated.
  • While it's unlikely, you may be required to buy keys in order to progress in a seed.